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American Software Tech LLC’s disaster management capabilities include the planning, strategies, mitigation, recovery and close out and also grant application development and overall program management. American Software Tech LLC’s staff has worked on multiple federally declared disasters including ice storms, hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes. We have extensive experience and recent hands-on working knowledge of federal.

Our disaster recovery management service is a full range managed IT services solution for your organization that protects, and restores data, servers, or entire data centers suffering from a natural or man-made disaster. Our disaster management services will help you back up and replicate your systems into an on-site appliance and American Software Tech LLC cloud data center.

At American Software Tech LLC, our disaster recovery management service providers can protect any physical or virtual system in any environment and at the location. Whether you need to recover a single file, a full database, or an entire server of your organization – it is as easy as to push-of-a-button. American Software Tech LLC’s Network & IT Services ensures that our client’s business stays in business by providing a flexible, pay-as-you-go service.

Emergency Management Services

Our team at American Software Tech LLC, includes key members that are highly qualified and skilled subject matter experts in all the aspects of Emergency Management, including the disaster preparedness activities such as planning, training, strategies and exercises, as well as response-related activities such as providing specialized staff to augment your capabilities with Incident Management Assistance Team and the Emergency Operations Center backfill support.

Disaster Management Services:
  • Disaster Management

  • Emergency Recovery Services

  • Emergency Management Plan Development

  • Alternative Funding Sources Support

  • IT / Database Development & Management

  • Procurement & Contract Monitoring

  • Insurance Support

  • Compliance & Reporting

  • Financial, Payroll & Grant Management

  • Disaster Engineering Services

  • Grant Application Development & Management

There is no country in the world that is immune from disasters, though the vulnerability to disaster varies. There are four main types of disasters:
Natural disasters

Natural disasters include the floods, ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcano eruptions that can have immediate impacts on human health, and as well as secondary impacts on life such as death and suffering from floods causing landslides, the earthquakes resulting in fires, tsunamis causing widespread flooding and typhoons sinking ferries. Altogether impacts human life at a major level.

Environmental emergencies

Environmental emergencies usually include industrial or technological accidents. Environmental emergencies involve the hazardous material and occur where these materials are produced or used or transported. The large forest fires are generally included in this definition because they tend to be caused by the humans.

Complex emergencies

The complex emergencies include the break-down of the authorities, the rob, and attacks on the strategic installations. The complex emergencies include conflict situations and the war.

Pandemic emergencies

Pandemic emergencies involve a sudden onset of a contagious disease that affects health badly but also disrupts services and the businesses, bringing economic and the social costs.


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