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There aren’t many things that are more important to your business than its data. We all have experienced the feeling of panic when an important data is lost from mobile and at that time you have no idea if that crucial report has been saved and backed up. Data backup process ensure you that you still have all your important data – including contacts, calendar, photos, videos and other files are save somewhere if something happens to your smartphone or tablet.

Questions: If you lost your mobile data (for example: due to theft, fire, flood or another natural disaster) – would your business survive? Do you have Data Security?

American Software Tech LLC the backup team provides you a proven and reliable online backup solution that fits in with your Disaster Recovery Plan.

Our data back up and restore service is for all sized businesses. Based on our secure and latest technology, we help to ensure comprehensive protection against risks associated with data loss, whatever the cause.

American Software Tech LLC Advantage:

Selection of right data recovery and storage company as your first choice for your tablet, smartphone or other mobile device is essential to getting your files back.

See what makes us different when it comes to mobile recovery and storage services.

  • We have a dedicated Mobile Device research and development team who specializes in working on the advanced mobile technology in order to inspect how the data is stored and protected by constructors.

  • At American Software Tech LLC, we have tech support team in recovering data for over 20,000 unique mobile devices as well as ability to repair all mobile operating systems past and present.

  • We are able to provide the highest success rates in the industry.

Data Storage after recovery (depending on device):

Unlike commercially available software which cannot assist when the device is not powering on our Data Recovery Engineers are able to repair and read the Flash Memory, Internal Circuits, Processors and Controllers which make up all mobile devices.

  • Contacts

  • Messages

  • Call History

  • Gallery

  • Videos

  • Audio

  • Documents

Our team of dedicated mobile backup tech expert keeps your system safe from losing data, and make sure that you are making the right choice when it comes to finding the right online mobile backup provider for you. American Software Tech LLC is always there to help you with mobile/tablet data backup and restore needs.


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